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    Tips For Traveling with Your Furry Friend

    Tips For Traveling with Your Furry Friend

    Just like you need a suitcase when you travel, so does your furry friend! Whether you are staying close or traveling far, it is important to make sure you have the proper things packed for your pet. Here’s a packing list you can follow:

    1. Toys - they good to calm nerves and have fun!
    2. A blanket that smells like home
    3. A bed
    4. Seat covers (if you are traveling by car to keep your seats clean)
    5. Pet seat belt (if you are traveling by car to make sure your pet stays in a seat)
      1. A crate / pet carrier may be a better option, if the event of a car crash, your pet will be safer if they are in a crate
    6. Food & Drinking Water
    7. Bowls for food and water - so they can stay hydrated and well feed wherever you go
    8. A collar, leash, and harness
    9. Collar tags that have your phone number just in case
    10. A first aid kit filled with medications your pet takes and items that your furry friend may need in case of an emergency (like gauze, antiseptic wipes, tweezers)
    11. Vaccination Records - just in case of emergencies  
    12. Poop bags
    13. Small portable fan - in case your pet gets hot

    In addition to packing a bag, it is also important to make sure the hotel you are staying in allows pets. If you are not sure, give them a call! It’s also a good idea to double check the day before you leave just to make sure the hotel did not make any changes.

    Before you leave for vacation, you should also do some research and figure out what vets / animal hospitals are in the area you will be staying in. Just in case there is an emergency, it is good to have these phone numbers and addresses written down in advance.

    During your trip

    If you are Traveling By Car:

    1. Make sure your pet stays cool
    2. Make sure they are secure in their crate or pet seat belt / harness - your pet should not be freely roaming around a moving car
    3. Keep pets in the backseat, the front seat can be dangerous
    4. Don’t leave your pet in the car when you are at a rest stop
    5. Make stops so your pet can walk around a little outside and get some fresh air and go to the bathroom if you are taking a long trip
    6. Make sure your pet has access to food and water

    If you are Traveling By Airplane:

    1. Traveling by air is always risky with pets so make sure you do your research before your trip to determine if it is the best option and make sure it is safe for your specific pet breed; bulldogs and persian cats are some breeds that should not travel by plane.
    2. If you need to travel by air with your furry friend, find out if they can stay up in the cabin with you. Usually smaller dogs and cats are allowed to if you pay an additional fee.
    3. It’s a good idea to call the airline you are planning on using to find out if they have any regulations for pets
    4. Take a walk or stay outside for a little before entering the terminal to allow pets to relax
    5. Try not to give too many snacks to your pet before flying, it can give them an upset stomach if they aren’t used to flying
    6. If your pet needs to travel in the cargo area of the airplane, follow these tips from the Humane Society:  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/traveling_tips_pets_ships_planes_trains.html

    If you are Staying in a Hotel:

    1. Make sure it is pet friendly
    2. Keep the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door all day so housekeeping does not come in which could scare your furry friend and there is a risk they could get out of the room
    3. Make a comfy space for your furry friend with toys, familiar things from home like their bed or a blanket, and food and water

    With all of these tips, you are your furry friends are sure to have a great vacation!! Happy summer!

    Blog Writer: Julia Augelletta

    Featuring @kncassar @buscation the weekend adventurers in their 1977 VW Bus.

    Photography by @tiffanyluongphoto