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    Khaleesi - A Pup Who Brings Happiness to Hospitals

    Khaleesi - A Pup Who Brings Happiness to Hospitals

    Khaleesi is a two and a half year old Golden Retriever with an amazing personality. She is a sidekick to her human mommy, Ashley, and her human daddy, Nick. Her mommy just recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia and her daddy is a physician. Khaleesi follows in their footsteps and became a certified therapy dog only a few months after she turned one. Since then, she has been bringing smiles to both patients and staff, and everyone she meets.

    In an interview, Ashley said that she had always wanted a Golden Retriever so she was so excited when her husband got Khaleesi when she was accepted into Nurse Anesthesia School. “We knew from day one that she had an incredible personality,” Ashley said. “People always comment on how calm she is. It’s like she knows who needs her and gravitates towards them.”

    Khaleesi’s parents knew she was special because of her laid back and friendly personality and her intelligence. Khaleesi excelled when it came to her obedience training, which her family was able to begin when she was only nine weeks old! Around 7 months old, her family began “off-leash training”, which was breeze just like her obedience training since she is so easy to train. One of Khaleesi’s trainers made a comment to Ashley when Khaleesi was very young. They said she had the perfect personality to become a therapy dog; this was no surprise to Khaleesi’s family.

    In order for a dog to become a certified therapy dog, they need to take a certification test. This can only be done when the dog is one year old or older, so Khaleesi’s family waited until few months after her first birthday to test her.

    Khaleesi passed the test with flying colors!!

    Last August, Khaleesi’s family started taking her to the Mission Hospital, which is located in Asheville, North Carolina. The Mission Hospital was Ashley’s main clinical site for anesthesia rotations, so she was familiar with the hospital. This made it a perfect place for Khaleesi to get started. Since Ashley was a busy Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist student, she had a tight schedule, which meant it was tough to find time to take Khaleesi to the hospital. She tries to take Khaleesi to the hospital for at least an hour every week. Her and Khaleesi also go on special staff visits during holidays, like Valentines day and Halloween. On Halloween, Khaleesi even got in the spirit by dressing up as Minnie Mouse!

    Ashley spoke about how Khaleesi absolutely loves going to the hospital and “working”. She loves getting to snuggle with everyone and being spoiled with attention and love from patients and staff. To Khaleesi, her trips to the hospital are so much fun and she makes everyone’s days at the hospital, which is such a great thing to see.

    While Khaleesi is princess who loves to be spoiled and pampered by her family, she is always down for outdoor adventures. Even though she has some outdoor allergies, these don’t stop her. Ashley says Khaleesi is a “tomboy and princess puppy all in one.” Some of Khaleesi’s favorite things to do are hiking with her family in Asheville and swimming anywhere she can, no matter what the weather is. Khaleesi loves posing for pictures during her adventures and these pictures can be found on her Instagram, @Khaleesithegldn. Khaleesi loves to get dirty outside, but once she returns home, there is nothing she wants more than a bath. Ashley explained that Khaleesi will jump into the bathtub and bark until someone gives her a bath. While Khaleesi is bathed and dried she likes to pretend she is at the spa, and she will fall asleep.

    Overall, Khaleesi has an incredible personality and never fails to make people smile and laugh. In Ashley’s words, “She is a super sweet, fluffy puppy. She is truly an angel.”

    By Ashley, Nick & Khaleesi @khaleesithegldn @adnccrnaprncs :)